Miranda Moody Miller is a Vermont-based singer-songwriter with an arresting voice who gives new life to folk favorites and captures audiences with her original music. A native of rural Maine, she lives off-grid in a hike-in hike-out subsistence homestead in East Corinth with her pet family of a small draft horse and five dogs.

Her musical influences include folk songs of her parent’s generation, many singer-songwriters (including Gregory Alan Isakov, Jill Andrews, Ani Difranco, Trevor Hall, Andrew Bird, and Rose Cousins), as well as traditional and pop country music. Her first performance was on stage with her mother and she has been writing music and performing ever since.

When she isn’t singing she can be found teaching, writing, directing theater, running a library, hiking her property with a pack of dogs as owner-operator of Barra’s Dog Heaven, planning and developing The Barra School for Healing Trauma through Nature, sharing her knowledge on health, wellness, medicinal plants, and superfoods, or walking her horse in the woods.

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on Instagram @moodmiranda